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What is GoToConnect Unified Communications Solutions

GoToConnect (formally JIve), by LogMeIn, is an all-in-one communications platform that empowers teams to communicate and collaborate effectively. So it combines the power of an enterprise-grade phone system with audio, web & HD video conferencing into a single, reliable solution.

Your team will be able to use a web application to join in on meetings, view contacts, quickly move between calls, text, chat, and more with a click. Moreover, it offers your team members more flexibility to work remotely anytime, anywhere.

Agent working from home on video conferencing unified communications solutions.
Team Collaborating with Unified Communications Services

Why Use GoToConnect

GoToConnect is a single solution that includes an integrated array of reliable tools to help drive business growth. Furthermore, it will save money since you no longer need to deal with multiple products and vendors. By bundling GoToConnect (Jive business phone system) with GoToMeeting standalone video solution, it will offer a more powerful solution for a low price of $19.95 per user per month.

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Enjoy GoToConnect’s list of business communications features that enable your team to meet, call, or message their way, so they are not bounded by the office. Users can download a mobile app to take calls, text, view contacts, and chat while on the go. Also, GoToConnect allows them to communicate via a web browser with a downloadable desktop app or desk phone.

GoToConnect Unified Communications Features

As you may expect, GoToConnect provides enterprise-grade unified communication features for any size business. Therefore making it simple for small businesses to scale up whenever they need to.

They have been major changes to their communications solutions such as adding new tools and services to help boost productivity within your company. Here is a list of popular features you’ll find when you join GoToConnect.

  • Customer Support
  • Voice & Call Management
  • Meetings & Video
  • Admin Tools
  • Analytics

Review GoToConnect Full Feature List

Check-out the list of unified communications features included with GoToConnect. You will find all the solutions you will need for you team to win.

6 Unified Communications Solutions Included in GoToConnect

As your business grows, it will need better communications solutions to keep up with the demand. Therefore you’ll find advanced communications tools included with GoToConnect. So your team will be equipped with the best solutions to take your company to the next level.

Here is a list of popular communications tools that customers can use to enhance client relationships and improve productivity.

GoToConnect logo with request a quote link.

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1. Business Phone System

Your company’s most valuable asset is the phone system. However, today’s customers want to connect to businesses the way they want. But a phone call is the most popular way that customers want to communicate with a company because they want to hear a voice behind the product or service. Moreover, they want to ensure that you are an actual business.

GoToConnect includes the type of business phone system that grows with your company. Whether you run an insurance agency, automotive shop, dental office, or real estate agency, GoToConnect got you covered.

GoToConnect Voice Features

  • Preconfigured VoIP phones
  • Unlimited auto-attendants
  • Unlimited extensions
  • Virtual fax
  • Messaging
Hosted VoIP buyers guide.

Hosted VoIP Buyers Guide

Read this free downloadable buyer guide on tips and information you need to know before buying a phone system for your business.

Download the eBook to learn about hosted VoIP.

2. Microsoft Teams Integration

Seamlessly integrate GoToConnect with Microsoft Teams for a single and secure space for teams to communicate & collaborate. Therefore allowing your team to maximize productivity by collaborating in meetings and calls on the same platform. Microsoft Teams is perfect for small conversations, sharing files, and chat with internal team members. However, your team will get a more enhanced experience with GoToConnect integration.

Enjoy all the great collaboration features that Microsoft Teams have to offer. Then add more value by integrating it with GoToConnect. Download the brochure for more details.

Benefits of Microsoft Teams and GoToConnect Integration

  • Meetings of up to 250 people.
  • Access GoToMeeting dashboard in Microsoft Teams.
  • Lower, simple price with no hidden fees.
  • Less strain on your organization’s network
  • Make calls without a click away from Teams.

3. SIP Trunks

You’ll find that GoToConnect is the perfect communications solution for companies that aren’t ready to move to the cloud fully.

It offers SIP Trunks to extend cloud solutions to your existing on-premises PBX system. Therefore enabling you to extend your existing PBX system remote teams and office locations throughout your organization. Also, SIP Trunks allow users to enjoy mobile and web applications to communicate and collaborate remotely with other team members.

Benefits of SIP Trunking

SIP Trunking offers lots of great features that businesses can take full advantage of without abandoning their existing on-premise PBX system.

  • Extend your on-premise PBX system to remote teams.
  • Seamlessly integrates unified communications solutions; video, text, etc.
  • Saves on the cost of long-distance calling.
  • Allows your business to grow beyond the main office.
  • Make it easy for businesses to scale to meet your needs.
  • Allows for redundancy in case of a network failure.

4. Messaging

Another great advantage of unified communications solutions is that your business has the ability to use chat & messaging as another form of communication because not everyone is working from the comfort of a desk.

In fact, the amount of people working remotely has increased to 4.7 million (3.4% of the population) by the start of 2020. Unfortunately, due to Covid19, much of the world’s workforce is forced to work remotely to slow the rapid spread of the virus. So I imagine that that number has grown tremendously.

Using GoToConnect’s messaging & chat feature allows you to communicate and collaborate better. Agents and remote teams may benefit significantly from this feature.

Download the brochure below for more details on messaging.

GoToConnect Messages Solution

5. Support Center

Starting as low as $29 per agent each month, you set up the support center of your dreams. Signup for GoToConnect Support Center to increase customer satisfaction with powerful support center features. And enjoy transparent pricing, a customizable agent dashboard to make instant changes, one-touch logins, CRM integrations, and more.

Support Center Features

  • One-day setup & deployment 
  • Call queue origin
  • Caller ID
  • Communicate via phone, meetings, text, or chat
  • Real-time queue management
  • and more

Are you looking to improve your call center or planning on getting one for your business? CLICK HERE to complete an easy quote request form, and I will help you find the best price for the GoToConnect Support Center solution.

Read an Ebook on the 10 most common call center problems and how to fix them.
Common Call Center Problems and How to Fix Them

6. Business Continuity (Add-on)

You’ll never know when a disaster will appear. Therefore you should always have a backup plan in place so that your business can continue operations. So your company needs a unified communications solutions provider that will get your business up and running even if your office is inaccessible.

With GoToConnect as an ad-on, you’ll have peace of mind because it offers secure and reliable business continuity solutions. And it can fully mirror your existing unified communications system so that your team can “hit the ground running” with no downtime.

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Find more details about GoToConnect Business Continuity by clicking on the banner below.

Read this flyer on GoToConnect Business Continuity solutions for more details.
GoToConnect Business Continuity Flyer

GoToConnect Communications Solutions Integration

Rely on GoToConnect to enable your team to collaborate more effectively because it integrates with top software solutions that they are already familiar with. Therefore it allows teams to perform such tasks as recording billable hours, create hybrid IP paging systems, uploads call records to CRM software and more.

List of GoToConnect Integration Software Solutions

Here is a list of some of the more well-known software solutions that GoToConnect integrates with.

In Summary

GoToConnect is a fully integrated business communications solution that offers many features to suit small businesses’ needs. Whether it a cloud-based phone system to support all of your office locations, HD video conferencing, or desktop & mobile apps, GoToConnect has it. It is also compatible with most of your favorite applications by providers such as Microsoft, Zoho, Google, and Salesforce.

I believe that teams should utilize a single solution versus multiple complicated software to handle multiple tasks. Because it will save time on learning each software, and all of the solutions will seamlessly work together. Furthermore, it will help improve productivity for your business.


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