Top 9 Google Workspace Products to Improve Business Efficiency

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There is a new sheriff in town, and its name is Google Workspace. Well, it’s not actually new, but Google Workspace is a rebrand of which formally G Suite. So you will notice a fresher-look with new logos & icons with bold Google colors.

Google Workspace brand with colorful office icons.

What is Google Workspace

Google Workspace is a premium cloud-based productivity suite that includes Google products such as; Gmail, Calendar, Drive, and Chats that users can access anywhere on any device. Therefore empowering your teams to work faster and more efficiently.

There’s a good chance that your team is already familiar with most of Google’s products. And maybe some of them are currently using the products on their projects. Therefore you should consider using Google Workspace for your business because it saves time by integrating all of Google’s solutions into a single platform.

Why Use Google Workspace

You owe it to your company to use Google Workspace’s powerful productivity tools that’s cloud-based, simple to use, reliable, and easy to manage. Furthermore, Google Workspace will help your teams communicate and collaborate better with custom email, file sharing, secure spreadsheets, and group chat. Not to mention Google Workspace pricing starting as low as $6.00 per user per month.

One of Google Workspace’s main solutions is Gmail because it the most popular email platform with over 1.8 billion users globally. In fact, Gmail averages 306.4 billion emails sent & received every day, with about 75% of users access it on mobile devices. Also, Gmail is a straightforward and free email solution to use for your personal life. And it very easy to set up a Gmail account and start using it. But imagine having a supercharged Gmail account, without the ads, for your business? Because that what you will get with Google Workspace.

Top 9 Google Workspace Products for Business

Join Google Workspace, and you’ll get a full suite of cloud-based productivity solutions for your team to engage with customers effectively. Eventually, enhancing customer satisfaction so you can grow your business the way that you want. Here is a list of benefits of using Google Workplace for your business.

1. Secure Custom-Branded Business Email – Gmail

Google workspace includes Gmail custom email for business.
Gmail Custom Email for Business

Gmail is the most popular email software worldwide because of its simplicity and, of course, the price (free). But having Gmail with Google Workspace offers so many more features such as ad-free emails, a professional email address, and premium protection against threats.

Also, Google Workspace allows users to connect with colleagues on chat, through video & voice calls, share files, and more right in Gmail. And since Google Workspace is cloud-based, you can securely access your Gmail on any device, giving you the freedom to work anywhere.

Custom Gmail Features

  • Easily syncs with popular desktop clients.
  • Automatic data backups & security.
  • 99.9% guaranteed uptime with no planned downtime.
  • Easily migrate email from Exchange, Outlook, or Lotus.
  • Custom email addresses using your domain name (
  • More data storage space.
  • Each user can add up to 30 email aliases.

For more details on Gmail for business, please visit their website. CLICK HERE!

2. Enterprise-Grade Video Conferencing – Meet

Google meet enterprise-grade video meeting software.
Google Meet Enterprise-Grade Video Meeting

Joining a video call is a snap with Google Meet because Google Workspace includes a powerful enterprise-grade video conferencing software. So teams can engage with co-workers over the internet anytime, anywhere on any device. Moreover, agents can collaborate and communicate effectively without spending lots of time and money on travel. Instead, they can join a meeting directly from a calendar, through Gmail, or an email invite.

Users can share a link with their participants to click-on to join in on a multi-person video call. And since Google Meet includes the same encryption measures that Google uses to safeguard your data, you’ll never have to worry about security.

Mobile apps allow team members to join meeting from the Meet or Gmail mobile app on the go with a click. Also, Google Workspace users can create a phone number for participants to dial-in each meeting.

Google Meet Features

  • Can switch to low-light mode
  • Has noise cancellation capabilities
  • Seamlessly works with other meeting software.
  • Automatically displays the most active participant.
  • Create polls for participants to vote on
  • Send chat messages to video meeting guests.
  • Record video meetings for others to watch later
  • Lower & raise your hand during a video meeting.

3. Flexible, Secure and Easy-to-Manage File Storage – Drive

Google Drive secure file storage for team collaboration.
Google Drive Secure File Storage

As your business grows, it will accumulate lots of critical data. And Google Drive is a safe and secure solution to store that data. Therefore your workforce can easily store & share files, manage shared spaces, and access files anytime, anywhere.

Google Drive is one of Google Workspace’s collaboration solutions that you can have for your business. So you can access more features than the standard version, such as shared drives for teams, Google AI, direct cloud streaming to reserve disk space, and more.

Easily extend Google Drive capabilities by integrating it with 3rd party apps like Freshdesk, DocuSign, Zoho Creator, and Box.

Google Drive Features

  • Seamlessly work with Outlook and Microsoft Office.
  • Create an out-of-office document for co-workers
  • Translate documents into any language
  • Scan paper documents as PDFs via phone’s camera
  • Chat users can receive Drive notifications.
  • Search for stored files by description

4. Securely Connect and Collaborate Efficiently – Chat

Google Chat secure chat solution for business.
Google Chat Secure Chat Solution for Business

Team members can employ Google Chat to securely connect and collaborate with co-workers anytime, anywhere on any device. Also, they can start one-on-one chats, share files, group messaging, and share tasks. Furthermore, Google Chat can integrate seamlessly into Gmail for a complete view of all your business communications or be used as a standalone app.

Google Chat is very secure on all devices because Google encrypts your data at-rest and in transit for total protection. And Google makes searching across threads a breeze allowing users to find what they need quickly.

Your team can create virtual chat rooms where users can share files & tasks with up to 8000 participants per room. Additionally, Google Workspace allows Chat users to collaborate on content with Google Slides, Docs, and Sheet.

Chat features

  • Start a video meeting in the Chat app
  • Block direct messages & report the person
  • Toggle chat history off/on
  • Create & manage group tasks and assign tasks in group rooms
  • Send and share files in chat conversations

5. Schedule and Share Events on Any Mobile Device – Calendar

Google Calendar to schedule events and manage task for teams.
Google Calendar to Schedule Events and Task for Teams

Google Calendar is the perfect tool for team members to quickly schedule events, share event details, and sync details with co-workers. Furthermore, you can easily edit & view schedules on any device using mobile apps. Also, Calendar integrates seamlessly with other Google Workspace products such as Gmail, Meet, and Drive.

Google Calendar allows users to browse for free meeting rooms, reserve them, and create resources and post them to events. And you can set-up reminders to pop-up before a scheduled event or have an invitation to an event show up in your calendar.

Calendar Features

  • Create calendars that the group can access
  • Check to see who accepted or declined your invitation
  • Delete any event (it gets permanently deleted after 30 days)
  • Keep track of your task & notes inside of Calendar

Try Google Workspace free for 14 days

6. Browser-based Document Editing Software – Docs

Docs document editing software for team collaborations.
Google Docs Real-Time Document Editing with Teammates

Google Docs enables your team to collaborate in real-time without downloading any software. Additionally, it is a powerful browser-based text document creator and editing software. Therefore allowing team members to chat, interact, and comment while others are editing in real-time.

Just like other Google Workspace tools, users can access Docs on any device. So your team can still be productive and collaborate with other teammates anytime from anywhere. And importing existing files into Docs from another program is a breeze because it can be converted to be edited directly in the browser.

Google Docs Features

  • Reply to invitations, view schedules & your to-do lists directly in Docs
  • Saves changes automatically
  • Insert and customize images, links, tables, and more
  • Download files in different formats to be opened by other programs

7. Share and Collaborate with Secure Spreadsheets – Sheets

Sheets customizable &  secure spreadsheets to collaborate, analyze, and share data.
Share Data, Update, Collaborate with Google Sheets

Are you looking for another spreadsheet solution or need software other than Excel? Because Google Workspace includes Sheets, the perfect and secure spreadsheet software to share data, update, track, collaborate on projects, and more. Therefore eliminating the road-blocks users encounter when working across different file versions. Moreover, it allows your team to collaborate and share files seamlessly across both Sheets and Excel. And ultimately reducing the friction that comes with using multiple programs.

Security is a must when it comes to sharing data with others over the internet. But you can rest sure that all your information will be safe with Google Workspace because it is backed by enterprise-grade security. Therefore, allowing you to manage data, control permissions to all levels, block unwanted downloads and set expiration dates.

Sheets Features

  • Safeguard critical data with Data Loss Prevention
  • Has tools to get insights, visualize & analyze data
  • Process data from various sources; Excel, CSV, and more
  • Work seamlessly with Google Sheets & Forms.
  • Use third-party add-ons to customize spreadsheets
  • Access and edit spreadsheets on the go
  • Easily create apps and automation solutions for Sheets

Click here to learn more about Google Sheets.

8. Create a Productive Community for Your Teams – Current

Current for creating communities and employee engagement.
Google Current for Creating Communities and Employee Engagement

Allow your workers to connect, chat, engage, share files, exchange ideas, and more among your organization safely with Google Current to improve productivity and work more efficiently. And users can connect with people outside of their organization through private communities.

Google Workspace includes Current as part of its family of business productivity tools. Think of it as a digital bulletin board for teams to create productive communities, follow teammates’ posts, leave comments, and share content. Also, team members can use Current to find relevant resources, search for resolutions, learn from others’ experiences, and more across your company’s post and comments.

Current is very easy to manage, and it includes analytic tools to measure the engagement.

Current Features

  • Users can create and add tags to their post for easy discovery
  • Use the search box to find users tags and more
  • Prioritize post in the home stream from management personnel

9. Design and Share High-Quality Websites – Sites

Google Sites to create professional-looking website for your business.
Easy Drag and Drop Website Builder – Google Sites

With Google Sites, you do not need to become a web designer to create powerful websites for your business. Sites offer an easy drag-and-drop editor with a grid layout to build high-quality websites. Additionally, users can update, share, personalize, and publish their websites without programming or designer skills.

Your team can create and collaborate on great-looking websites to drive sales, build team sites, and events free with Google Workspace. Therefore users can easily access content from shared Calendar & Docs, and websites are automatically added to Drive.

Sites offer pre-built themes to optimize your website’s look on all screens, including mobile, laptop, and tablet.

Sites Features

  • Create optimized and responsive websites
  • Real-time team collaboration
  • View live changes and updates
  • Manage sharing permissions
  • Share with others anytime during the creation process

Get Started a Free 14-day Trial Today with Google Workspace – Business Starter plan at $6/month

Google Workspace Add-ons

Workspace by Google is a very powerful platform for businesses to use to improve employee productivity. But some businesses need more to allow them to get the job done. Therefore Google is offering a few add-ons for those who require additional tools to enhance their Google Workspace experience

  • Meet hardware – additional hardware that you can purchase to enhance user experience while on Meet, including advanced audio & video equipment.
  • Jamboard – an interactive whiteboard system teams can use to sketch ideas, collaborate in real-time, add notes, and more anywhere with Jamboards or mobile apps.
  • Voice – connect with clients and teammates with Google Voice. It features AI-powered spam call filters, a familiar admin console, hunt groups, and more. Also, it integrates with Google Calendar and Meets.
  • AppSheet – allows team members to create mobile & desktop automation applications that leverage AI technology to provide smart suggestions, trigger actions based-on intent, manage workflow, and more.

Google Workspace Plans and Pricing

View the chart below and choose the plan that meets the needs of your organization. Then sign up for a 14-day trial to test all of Workspace’s features.

Google Workspace pricing screenshot.
Google Workspace Pricing Screenshot

In Conclusion

You’ll find everything you need to run a very successful business when you sign-up to use the Google Workspace productivity solution. Therefore you’ll save time using the best cloud-based business applications in a single platform versus buying multiple software licenses. However, today’s workload is rapidly increasing, so you’ll need to find better ways to improve efficiency.

Google Workspace productivity and collaborations platform for teams.

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