Online Fax Services – An Important Element of Business Communication

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Until a few years ago, when the internet wasn’t as advanced and efficient as it is now, its corporate adaption was slow. And many small businesses choose the old-fashioned ways of conducting usual business activities. But that’s not the case anymore. However, the internet has occupied center stage in the corporate landscape and transformed many old communication and documentation methods. That includes faxing. 

You’d think that in an era where the internet and printers are two of the things that every organization has, faxing would be obsolete, but that’s not the case. According to a survey conducted by Open Text, 82% of the responding businesses stated that faxing in their businesses has stayed the same or increased from previous years. Faxing is especially prevalent in the healthcare, legal, and finance sector, where privacy of information and discretion are paramount.   

But faxing isn’t the same anymore. The same internet that has transformed and replaced other communication techniques has evolved faxing as well. 

Online Fax Services – A Powerful Blend of Old and New 

Online fax, internet fax, or e-fax, is simply sending over a document to a fax machine over the internet, compared to a conventional phone line (or a dedicated fax line). Since businesses need to maintain a stable internet connection anyway, and hard copy documents are still prevalent in many of them, online fax services present a natural solution.  

Not every online fax service is the same. You need to compare different fax services based on your business needs and choose the one that fits the bill. You may want to look into some other features as well, before making your decision about an online fax service:

What to Look for in Online Fax Services

  • Security: A significant reason to stick with faxing is the security it offers. For online fax services, you will need to look into features like two-way authentication, SSL encryption, HIPAA compliance, secure cloud, etc.
  • Pricing Structure: Price will play a vital role in which the online fax service you choose. If your faxing needs aren’t extensive, and you only need to send out a handful of faxes every month, you may get by with a free fax service (like Faxzero or MyFax’s free trial). But they come with geographic and number of fax limitations. You will need to look into plans for regular faxing needs based on how many free faxes they allow you a month and how much additional faxes cost. If you require access to special features like data residency and advanced security controls, you may need to opt for the priciest of the plans available. 
  • Easy-to-use Interface and Mobile Friendliness: The faxing system shouldn’t be too complicated or time intensive. Online fax service is supposed to make your life easier, not harder. The interface should be easy enough for you and your staff to use without understanding different file formats and cryptic connectivity requirements. Smartphone friendliness and cross-platform access are also important since many business communication and documentation handling takes place over smartphones.  
  • Other Important Features: If you need your online fax service to accommodate your whole team or multiple members of your team, you will need the appropriate Team Size feature included in your plan. Document Archive feature is important for businesses that require access to past soft copies of their faxes. The electronic signature isn’t prevalent yet, but it can be a powerful feature that saves time and adds another layer of security to your communication. 

5 Online Fax Services for Better Business Communication

There is a wide variety of online fax services available. We have selected five of the best services available. 


FaxPlus top-rated business internet fax solution.
Fax.Plus Online Fax Services Solution

Fax.Plus is used by over a million customers across the globe, including Harvard University, HP, and Soft Bank. It’s a cloud-based service, but it can integrate your existing Fax number. It uses a 256-bit Advanced Encryption Standard (AES) for file conversion and 128-bit encryption (and SSL) for transportation. Safe to say that the company has covered all the basics regarding the data’s security and privacy. It offers five comprehensive plans, from free (you can send ten faxes but can’t receive any) to the enterprise plan.  

  • Pricing: Free | Basic – $5.99 per month (100 Free faxes+$0.1 per additional fax) | Premium – $11.99 per month (300 Free faxes+$0.05 per additional fax) | Business – $19.99 per month (800 Free faxes+$0.05 per additional fax) | Enterprise – $59.99 per month (3000 Free faxes+$0.03 per additional fax) 
  • Important Features: Dedicated fax numbers, admin panel, Slack & Zapier integration, Date residency, etc.

For more details on RingCentral online fax services, Click Here.


eFax easy online business fax service.
eFax 14 Day-Trial – Free Online Fax Services

eFax is one of the oldest and most widely recognized online fax services (which, unfortunately, reflects its pricing structure). It supports both toll-free and international numbers and has a decent mobile app. Some of its most powerful features include a digital signature, lifetime fax storage, and online file sharing. But using only your smartphone with no dedicated device needed.

  • Pricing: eFax Plus – $16.95 per month (Send 150 and receive 150 faxes) | eFax Pro – $19.95 per month (Send 200 and receive 200 faxes). Both plans come with a $10 setup fee.
  • Important Features: Searchable faxing, no fax machine needed 

For more details on RingCentral online fax services, Click Here.


SRFax secure email to fax service for business.
eFax Email to Fax Service

This service’s target audience relies quite heavily on faxing and sending out (and receive) several faxes each month. Their pricing is affordable, but it doesn’t offer a mobile app, which can be a serious drawback for some businesses. 

  • Pricing: Basic – $3.29 per month (25 pages combined) | Basic Plus – $6.95 per month (200 pages) | Standard Lite – $9.95 per month (500 pages). The other three plans are more suited for larger organizations.
  • Important Features: Unlimited online plus local storage, searchable incoming PDF documents (paid feature). 

For more details on RingCentral online fax services, Click Here.

RingCentral Fax 

Ringcentral small business online fax service.
RingCentral Software-based Online Fax Service

RingCentral isn’t just an online fax service. It’s essentially a business communication platform that offers messages, video, phone, and fax services. If you haven’t gotten a virtual phone system yet, it can be a cost-effective solution to both. It’s easy to use and offers various numbers; however, it offers limited fax storage capacity (last 200 faxes). 

  • Pricing: Fax 1500 – $22.99 per month (1500 faxes+0.49 per additional fax) | Fax + Phone + Video – $49.99 (Unlimited Faxes) 
  • Important Features: Unlimited calls, videos, and faxes, additional numbers 

For more details on RingCentral online fax services, Click Here.


MetroFax online fax solution for small businesses.
MetroFax Fax Solutions for Small Businesses

Metrofax is designed to be completely internet-based and not rely on preexisting fax lines. It boasts an extensive international coverage (170+ countries). You get a dedicated fax number, and the plans are affordable for bulk faxing needs. Or you can use an existing one.

  • Pricing: Essential – $9.95 per month (500 faxes) | Best Value – $12.95 per month (1000 faxes) | Professional – $35.95 per month (2500 faxes). The best part is that all features are available with all three plans. The not-so-good part is that most features apply only to faxes sent and received in the US and Canada.
  • Important Features: Simply monthly contracts, no long-distance charges, you can fax to multiple recipients.

For more details on RingCentral online fax services, Click Here.


If your business’s faxing needs aren’t extensive, we recommend trying out the free versions of some online fax services. You will be able to experience the service first hand and decide whether it’s for you. When you choose a plan, make sure you do not pay too much to send and receive only a handful of taxes a month. Your plan should encompass all the features that you deem necessary for your business’s faxing needs.


Online fax service to help improve productivity within your organization.

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