Freshcaller – A Modern Cloud-Based Small Business Phone System

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What is Freshcaller

Freshcaller is a small business phone system for sales and support teams of all sizes. Businesses in a variety of industries use Freshcaller for their phone systems, such as finance, software, education, and eCommerce. Use it to answer sales calls, address support queries, and more. Freshworks provides a list of easy to use solutions for small business. The list includes services to help with marketing, sales, HR, and IT. And Freshcaller is among the list of Freshworks’ business solutions.

Freshcaller is one of the best call center phone systems for small businesses. Support teams love it because it integrates seamlessly across a selection of Freshworks’ platforms. This makes it simple to centralize all of the customer’s data into one place. Therefore allowing authorized team members across the company to access the data.

Why Freshcaller Business Phone System

Freshcaller is a modern business phone system that easily integrates into everyday operations. It allows team members to access previous customer’s communication for enhanced customer service. Users can easily listen in on calls or playback calls for later use. An office environment isn’t the only place to use the Freshcaller phone system. Therefore, you can use it whenever, where ever you need it.

Freshcaller small business phone system for a call center solution.

That’s because Freshcaller is a small business phone system that is cloud-based. It allows businesses to easily set up a complete call center in less than 5 minutes. Small businesses will enjoy the affordable price of using Freshcaller. It offers a comprehensive suite of advanced call center features; auto-attendant, call conferencing, call recording, and many more.

What Makes Freshcaller Phone System Unique

Freshcaller has automated routing for those who want to run the most efficient call center. Freshcaller phone system integrates with your Helpdesk or CRM. This will allow your support team to retrieve customer’s data while talking to them over the phone. Freshcaller uses the data in the Helpdesk or CRM to create custom routing rules to route callers automatically to the most relevant agent. This will increase customer satisfaction and reduce wait-time.

Top Freshcaller Features

Freshcaller business phone system includes lots of great features that you’ll need to run a successful call center. You’ll get features to help with quality control, improving customer engagement, and more.

  • Analytics and Reporting – Team leaders can analyze the reporting data of the entire call center. They can use it to spot call trends, conduct quality control, and assess the performance of the team members.
  • Call Barging – Team managers can use Call Barging the discreetly monitor & listen in on calls or engage with the agent and customer in real-time.
  • Conference Calling – Enables agents to reach out to any available agent regardless of location to help with customer issues or for learning troubleshooting techniques.
  • Buy Toll-Free Numbers – Freshcaller enables users to search and purchase or discard toll-free and custom toll-free phone numbers within their own dashboard.
  • Queue Callback – This feature gives the option to either reserve their position in the waiting queue or requests a call back from an agent.

Visit Freshcaller’s Website for more details.

Freshcaller Screenshots

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