7 Best Virtual Phone Number Service Providers of 2021

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The internet has transformed how humans connect. Additionally, social media platforms have replaced actual hangouts, and the internet has become the primary source of communication for most people. But some things haven’t changed and are unlikely to change for a while yet.

Did you know that about 65% of people prefer to reach out to a business via phone call? And that’s in stark comparison to the 24% of the people who prefer connecting through web platforms. That shows that even with chatbots and text support available for most businesses, prospective and existing clients still choose to call.

Businesses should have systems (and people) to field these calls; otherwise, they would lose a sizeable business.

Best Virtual Phone Number Service Providers for Business

While there are a few options available, we believe that virtual phone systems are ideal for small businesses. And these systems allow you to have a virtual business phone number you or your employees can use to conduct field business calls and reach out to consumers and clients. Therefore you can receive calls on any device connected to the internet (smartphone or a computer), so you don’t need additional hardware for these systems.

They are superior to on-premise phone lines in cost, installation ease, advanced features, and easier management.

There are other benefits, as well.

  • If you use your personal phone for business, you will have a hard time separating your personal life from your business. Your personal communication may also get in the way of clients reaching out to you.
  • Virtual phone services allow you to manage and take your business calls from any device connected to the internet. So you have ultimate flexibility, and your calling system won’t face any disruptions even if you (or your employees) are working remotely.
  • Call redirection is easy. So even if you can’t take an important business call yourself, you can delegate it to one of your employees.
  • Virtual phone services offer significantly more scalability than traditional phone lines. So if your business is expanding, your phone system will be able to grow with you.

Top Virtual Phone Number Service Providers

There is a wide range of virtual phone number providers. Therefore it will be hard to choose the best one for your business. So we have compiled a list of some of the best virtual phone number service providers so you can compare their features and pick the one that fits the bill.

1. Grasshopper

Grasshopper virtual phone number 
service for small businesses.
Grasshopper Business Virtual Phone System

Grasshopper is an affordable and easy to use system that is designed specifically for small businesses. And it packs a lot of neat features and is very easy to use. However, its two main products are Grasshopper and Grasshopper Connect.

The first is virtual phone systems where you can pick a number (toll-free, vanity, or local) and program in extensions to funnel a call like a large organization’s. And Grasshopper Connect is a message-oriented unified platform for calls, messages, and emails.

Price: Solo – $26/month (1 number, 3 extensions) | Partner – $44/month (3 number, 6 extensions) | Small business – $80/month (5 number, unlimited extensions)

Features: Call forwarding, VoIP+WiFi Calling, Virtual receptionist, desktop and mobile app

Limitation: Not suitable for a large business. A bit expensive for startups.

2. Phone.Com Virtual Phone Number Services

This virtual phone service provider offers unlimited local and foreign numbers, making it perfect for large organizations, especially those with a decent international footprint. Moreover, it’s relatively cheaper and has a wide variety of features available. Additionally, the company offers both minute-based and unlimited plans, with a 30-day money-back guarantee for the base plan only. Therefore the call handling capability of this service is excellent.

Price: 300 Minute Base Plan – $12.99/month (1 local or toll-free number, unlimited extensions) | Unlimited Base Plan – $29.99/month (1 local or toll-free number, unlimited extensions)

Features: 42 standard + 10 Premium Add-on Features

Limitation: Customer service is a bit lax.

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3. Nextiva

Nextiva business virtual VoIP phone number service.
Nextiva Business Virtual Phone Number

Nextiva is a VoIP-based virtual phone number provider with a powerful NextOS platform. The company prides itself on the impressive uptime of 99.99%, and they also offer VoIP call encryption. They have a cutting edge, secure network, and data center facility backing up their service. Nextiva offers services for small businesses and large enterprises.

Price: Essential – $21.95 (1 number, virtual fax, unlimited local minutes and 1000 toll-free minutes)

Features: Unlimited audio conference calls, Google integration, Voice analytics, etc.

Limitation: One phone number

4. Jive

Jive virtual phone system for the small and mid-sized businesses.
Jive Virtual Phone System for the Modern Workforce

Jive is another highly scalable virtual phone system to work hand in hand with your existing landlines. And its dial plan editor is unique and allows you to easily set up call forwarding, auto-attendance, and voice mailboxes. Jive can accommodate small to medium-sized businesses. And easily fulfill the virtual phone needs of large enterprises.

Price: Tier 1 – $29.95 (for 1 to 4 users) | Tier 5 – $19.95 (for 50+ users). The price is per user, per month.

Features: Auto attendants, voicemail to email, ring groups, unlimited extensions

Limitations: Expensive for small businesses

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5. CallHippo

CallHippo virtual phone number for small businesses.
CallHippo Virtual Phone Number

CallHippo is serving over 5000 businesses globally, and it’s ideal for sales-oriented companies that leverage the power of call data analytics. It also has an amazing free version that can help small businesses with limited virtual phone needs. CallHippo has three paid tiers – Bronze, Silver, and Platinum, with platinum offering all the available features. The enterprise solution is separate.

Price: Bronze – $18/month | Silver – $24/month | Platinum – $40/month. Price is per user per month.

Features: Live call, queuing, holiday routing, and many more.

Limitations: You can’t buy toll-free international numbers.

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6. eVoice

eVoice business phone number service provider.
eVoice Business Phone Number Service

eVoice comes with international toll-free numbers (limited countries, including the US), eReceptionist solution (automated), and a 30-day money-back guarantee. You can use your existing number or pick one up from their directory.

Price: Startup – £14.95 (350 minutes, 2 users) | Startup+ – £19.95 (750 minutes, 4 users) | Scaleup – Startup – £29.95 (1600 minutes, 6 users)

Features: live receptionist, call recording, virtual office, etc.

Limitations: Limited international numbers. Lax customer service.

7. Talkroute

Talkroute virtual phone number service provider.
Talkroute Virtual Phone Number Service

Talkroute is a virtual phone service provider that’s ideally suited for call center environments. It offers virtual phone numbers for small and mid-sized businesses. The company has a wide variety of toll-free, vanity, local, and 800 phone numbers. A free 7-day trial can help you make up your mind about this service.

Price: Basic – $19/month (1 number, limited features)| Plus – $39/month (2 numbers, more features)

Features: Voice studio, reporting, company directory, etc.

Limitations: Buying international numbers can get a bit confusing, and sometimes impossible.


There are several virtual phone number service providers that you can research. And many of them offer free trials to let you experience their service before buying. Discover which features are the most relevant to your business. Then compared different virtual phone number providers to see which one offers most of the services. If the price is a priority for you, then you may want to compromise a bit on the features.

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