5 Best Call Center Solutions for Small and Mid Sized Business

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Best Call Center Solutions for Business

Are you planning on starting-up or upgrading your call center? Are you searching for the best call center solutions to choose from for your small business? Then you are in the right place because we are posting a list of the best call center software, which will help you increase customer experience and improve your sales process while saving loads of money each month.

How We Determine the Best Call Center Software

There are plenty of solutions providers that offer great software for call centers. And many of them are very expensive and also complicated to use. Therefore you do not want to deal with that as a small business owner. Moreover, businesses shouldn’t have to invest tons of money in many products and solutions they don’t use. Here are 7 call center services and solutions based on; Price, Call Quality, CRM integration, Ease of Use, Customer Support, and Hardware. Please note: The services are not listed in any particular order.

1. Nextiva

Nextiva cloud-based call center solutions.
Nextiva Call Center Solutions

What is Nextiva

Nextiva is a powerful call center solution that offers total security and reliability for any size business. It has a list of enterprise-grade features you will need to manage a successful call center. Nextiva’s VoIP cloud-based solutions enable call centers to handle increased call volume at peak hours.

Why is Nextiva a Great Call Center Solution

You’ll get lots of the same call center features as most Fortune 500 companies without the huge investment in infrastructure, IT, and software upgrades. Nextiva offers premium features such as:

  • Call Recording – Allows your team members to pause, record, and listen to customer engagement, anytime.
  • Dashboard & Reporting -Team leaders can easily evaluate the entire call center and make changes in needed areas.
  • Call Routing – The processes of placing incoming callers in a queue and directing them to the right agent or group.
  • Interactive Voice Response (IVR) – IVR helps increase production by directing the caller, via voice interaction, to the right call center agent.

Nextiva Pricing

  • Call Center Pro$50 per month/user – No Setup Fees with Intelligent Call Distribution and Unlimited Call Queues.
  • Call Center Enterprise$100 per month/user – No Setup Fees with all Pro Features and Queue Management.

Find more details and information on Nextiva Call Center Solution. Discover how your business can benefit from its services by clicking here.

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2. 8×8

8x8 cloud contact center solutions.
8×8 Cloud Contact Center Solutions

What is 8×8

8×8 contact center is a robust cloud-based solution allowing agents, customers, and team members to collaborate more effectively. When you sign-up with 8×8, you will get a comprehensive cloud contact center solution with top-quality VoIP features. Use 8×8 call center software to evaluate trends and patterns, increase customer engagement, and decrease the level of IT dependency.

Why is 8×8 a Great Call Center Solution

8×8 is an award-winning VoIP phone system and software as a service provider for businesses. It delivers enterprise-grade unified communications solutions to small and mid-sized businesses. 8×8 offers great features, such as the following:

  • Customer Surveys – Use it to collect customers’ feedback, link customer intelligence with their corresponding agent, and share that feedback with them to improve and grow that agent.
  • Call & Screen Recording – Team leaders can find, access, and manage and record the team’s customer interactions and monitor agents’ desktops while maintaining compliance.
  • Virtual Agent – It’s a virtual assistant that uses voice interactions to help the call center provide self-service and reduce resolution times.
  • Contact Center Analytics – Supervisors can easily manage and monitor the entire call center using customizable reports to optimize customer experiences.

8×8 Contact Center Solution Prices

  • Start a Free Trial Now!
  • Voice$90 per month/user with Customer Surveys, CRM, and Automatic Call Distribution (ACD)
  • Omnichannel$110 per month/user with 4,000 minutes, CX Analytics, and Digital Channels
  • Advanced$150 per month/user with Speech Analytics, Quality Management, Screen Recording

Discover more details on 8×8 Contact Center solutions. Visit Website or Request a Quote here!

3. RingCentral

RingCentral inbound contact center software for small businesses.
RingCentral Inbound Contact Center

What is Freshcaller

RingCentral provides a complete contact center solution that’s simple for small and mid-sized businesses. It offers everything supervisors need to manage an entire call center effectively. Businesses will get a complete cloud-based suite of tools to enhance the customer experience.

This inbound contact center solution natively integrates with your favorite CRM and other business applications. So agents use RingCentral pre-built integrations to help streamline your customer service process and close more deals.

Why is RingCentral a Great Call Center Solution

RingCentral offers a list of contact center features needed to run a successful business. Discover all the great features you’ll get when you join RingCentral.

  • Omnichannel – This allows agents to provide support to their customers on their favorite channels.
  • Automation – Provides a virtual assistant to empower customers to help themselves through automation.
  • Workforce Optimization – It provides advanced tools like Gamification, Quality Management, and Workforce Management to help optimize the workload.
  • Analytics – This helps improve contact center efficiency by analyzing agents’ data reports and analytics.

RingCentral Contact Center Solution Prices

RingCentral offers lots of communication services for small and mid-sized businesses. However, if you are interested in their cloud-based contact center service, request a free demo here!

4. Freshcaller

Freshcaller enterprise-grade virtual call center solutions.
Freshcaller Virtual Call Center

What is Freshcaller

Freshcaller is a virtual call center that provides call center teams with a solution to communicate more effectively. It offers software for agents and managers to run a very efficient contact center.

Small businesses can easily launch a virtual call center in all of their offices regardless of geographical locations. Teams can communicate and collaborate anywhere, whether at home, on a business trip, or at other offices. A virtual contact center is best suited for small businesses. It saves on the huge cost of ownership and investing in infrastructure and IT.

Why is Freshcaller a Great Call Center Solution

Freshcaller virtual call center offers an affordable solution for small businesses to start and grow a very successful contact center. It includes some of the essential calling features you’ll need to increase customer satisfaction.

  • Phone Number Porting – Businesses can retain their existing phone numbers by porting it to Freshcaller and take full advantage of its calling features.
  • Shared Phone Lines – With a shared phone line, small businesses can create a central number for callers to dial to reach someone. This will prevent the need for callers to search numbers of a specific regional office.
  • Mobile Apps – Freshcaller offers a mobile app to empower team members to be productive while away from their desks. Use the mobile app on Android and iOS phones to make & receive calls anywhere.
  • Agent Extensions – Give customers an extension to skip past the company’s IVR menu to quickly connect with their preferred support or sales agent. Freshcaller offers unlimited 4-digit extensions for agents.

Freshcaller Contact Center Solution Prices

  • Sprout$0 per month/unlimited agents with Desktop Notifications, Call Notes, and Call Blocking
  • Blossom$15 per month/agent with Unlimited Concurrent Calls, Custom Messages, and Mobile App
  • Garden$29 per month/agent with Notes Transfer, GDPR Compliance, and 24×7 Email Support
  • Estate$45 per month/agent with 3000 min/month, 24×5 Chat Support, and Basic Call Queues
  • Forest$69 per month/agent with 5000 min/month, Team Routing, Call Recording, and Voicemail Transcription

Find more information and discover new features at Freshcaller. Sign-up now for a 21-day trial. Click Here!

5. Five9

Five9 cloud call center software.
Five9 Cloud Call Center Software

What is Five9

Join Five9 to boost sales and provide an enhanced service experience within your company. It offers a better call center software with Fortune 500-grade features to empower your workforce to connect and communicate effectively.

Five9 call center software allows small businesses to establish a complete call center solution with tools to satisfy your partners and customers. It easily integrates with hundreds of 3-party CRM software such as; Zoho, Salesforce, Netsuite, and more. Therefore giving your customers a more human and personalized experience.

Why is Five9 a Great Call Center Solution

Modern call centers need more than just desk phones to connect with their customers. Today’s prospects want to connect with your business the way they want to. Whether it’s by phone, email, Twitter, chat, etc., Five9 got you covered. Five9 also has the best contact features needed to run a successful call center.

  • Auto Dialer Modes – User the predictive dialer to make outbound calls to increase productivity. Auto Dialer uses a predictive mathematical algorithm to connect live agents with contacts from an identified list.
  • Omnichannel Routing – Agents can connect with customers on their favorite channels for better customer relationships and engagement. Five9 utilizes intelligence to route customers through all channels to connect with agents in any location.
  • Reporting and Analytics – It enables team leaders to use data to make strategic adjustments, track trends, and manage contact centers in multi-locations. Users can gain insight in real-time and quickly make changes using their customize reports.
  • Pre-Built CRM Integrations – Boost sales and be more productive with Five9 CRM integration capabilities. Five9 offers pre-built solutions to gain intelligence from your favorite CRM solutions such as; Oracle, Microsoft, Zendesk, and in-house based CRM systems.

Five9 Contact Center Solution Prices

See how much you’ll save when you sign-up for the Five9 Virtual Contact Center software. Click the button below to request a quote online.

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