3 Best Contact Center Software For Remote Working

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With the start of the COVID-19 crisis, many businesses have started to adopt a work-from-home approach to safeguard their employees’ health. It also makes plenty of business sense – at a time when most sectors are financially struggling. Working from home can eliminate some of the fixed costs. Such as the monthly utility and maintenance bills of an office premise.

However, remote working does come with its own set of challenges. With each employee largely isolated at their home, efficient communication and coordination at work can be impacted. And in departments where such aspects are critical for success, such as in customer service, the failure to overcome such obstacles can be extremely detrimental.

With that said, a dedicated contact center software can work wonders in helping resolve these problems, reduce the workload on the service team, and help organizations achieve better outcomes. This guide will be listing down the 3 best contact center software currently on the market.

What Makes a Contact Center Software Great? – The 4 Essential Features

Every organization will have different needs and preferences when it comes to their ideal contact center software. However, there are a few essential features that are common to all great contact center software.

  1. Intelligent Routing – The first and most essential feature is call routing. So when customers call your business, they expect to be connected to the right person in the shortest time possible. Having to wait a long time on the call or be connected to the wrong representative (or even both simultaneously) can greatly harm the customer experience. A great contact center software will allow automated call routing and deliver plenty of configuration options to optimize the process according to your workflow.
  2. Omnichannel Integration – Today’s customers reach out and interact with businesses through various channels (e.g., email, social media, live chat, webform). This is why it is essential that your contact center software can integrate with the rest of the channels. This can allow your agents to follow up with past customer interactions through other channels better to understand the context of the customer’s call query and address them more efficiently.
  3. Call Records – On the customer side, nothing is more frustrating than repeating the details of their queries on each call. Thus, great contact center software should feature the ability to keep records of past customer call interactions. And quickly resurface them when the same individual calls an agent. This can ensure that your agent always has enough context to resolve the customer query quickly. And doesn’t have to ask for the same details starting from scratch.
  4. Scalability – As your organization grows, its needs and preferences will change as well. A great contact center software should be able to scale with the growth of your organization. This eliminates the costly outcome of adopting a new platform. Potentially disrupting established workflow from employees needing to use the new system properly.

Compare Business VoIP Services

3 Best Contact Center Software

Note: All prices listed are per user unless indicated otherwise.


Bitrix24 contact center software solutions.
Bitrix24 Contact Center Software Solutions

Part contact center software, task management, and CRM, Bitrix24 is an awesome platform. Its geared towards the needs of the modern-day flexible remote working environment. The sheer number of features to your business (even the free version) is staggering. Augmenting not just the workflow of your service team but potentially your entire sales and marketing department.

  • Pricing: Free |Start+ – $24/month (2 users cap) |CRM+ – $69/month (6 users cap) |Project -$69/month (24 users cap) | Standard – $99/month (50 users cap) |Enterprise – $199/month (unlimited users)
  • Important Features: Multichannel integration, live chat, dedicated CRM, time tracking, and intelligent insights.
  • Limitations: Price can be a major obstacle for smaller businesses.

To learn more details: Visit Bitrix24


Nextiva cloud-based VoIP contact center solutions.
Nextiva Cloud-Based VoIP Contact Center Solutions

Nextiva is another exceptional contact center software with a focus on enabling better collaboration between remote teams. While it packs in plenty of great features to enable smoother workflows, increase productivity, and gather real-time customer insights. And they aren’t even its biggest highlight. Rather it is its superbly reliable network. There is virtually zero downtime with the use of this service. And the company also maintains several redundant data houses globally to ensure your line remains operable.

  • Pricing: Essential – $22/month (4 user cap) |Professional – $25/month (40 user cap) |Enterprise – $32/month (unlimited users)
  • Important Features: 99.99% uptime, fully redundant data centers, and high-level integration with most popular platforms.
  • Limitations: Somewhat difficult to set up the system as there is a learning curve involved.

To learn more details: Visit Nextiva



CloudTalk call center software for small businesses.
CloudTalk Call Center Software for Business

CloudTalk packs in plenty of innovations that help it stand out on the market. And enhance your contact service team’s productivity. For instance, to facilitate internal communications, the platform allows you to assign personalized extensions (along with number tags).

You will seldom find other notable features on most other contact center software on the market, including remote agent management, intelligent call routing, automated workflows, speech to text, real-time insights and monitoring (including emotion analytics), and campaign creation and among many other.

  • Pricing: Free trail |Starter – $15/month |Essential – $20/months |Expert – $35/month |Custom – contact for quote
  • Important Features: Excellent automation tools, easy agent management, custom reporting, and smart analytics.
  • Limitations: Not exactly the most user-friendly UI.

To learn more details: Visit CloudTalk

Concluding Note

There is no telling when things will get back to normal, and the current pandemic would start to subside. Investing in a dedicated remote working contact center software will ensure a better experience for your customer. Ensuring their loyalty to your brand allow it to better weather the effect of this highly uncertain period.

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