11 Best CRM for Startups and Small Business – 2021 Reviews & Pricing

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What is a CRM

Customer Relationship Management, or CRM, is a method businesses & startups use to analyze and manage their customers’ interactions. Companies use CRM to improve their sales by focusing on customer retention through their historical data.

A prominent feature of the CRM is collecting the customer’s data from various communication channels such as; email, telephone, social media, live chat, and more. And companies can use the data to target their prospects by offering specific services to them.

What are the Benefits of Using CRM for Startups

Your customers are the greatest valuable asset of your company. Therefore you must be able to understand them and cater to their needs. Your customers are the reason why you decided to start up a business in the first place. Furthermore, there is no purpose for you to even think about opening up your doors without them.

Your company must learn about the customers’ wants and needs. So it can maintain a relationship to provide more services in the future because they are the ones who will provide invaluable feedback to help your organization create new ideas. Furthermore, they will be providing revenue to your business. So customer satisfaction should be the main focus of all startups and small businesses.

Top 6 Benefits of CRM to Improve Customer Satisfaction

Know Better Who your Customers Are

All of your contacts’ information, phone number, address, social media, etc., is stored in one place. Therefore enabling the CRM to give your team access to all saved data such as chat messages, projects, and sales at a glance to provide a more personalized customer experience.

Strengthening Communications with Customers

The CRM enables team members, no matter their location, to provide the same level of service utilizing the same customers’ data. So even if your customer’s point of contact is unavailable, another agent can pick-up where the previous point of contact left-off. Not to mention communications between your organization and your customers will remain positive, ultimately improving customer satisfaction.

Contact Segmentation

CRM provides small businesses & startups the ability to better target their audience by segmenting contacts into categories. Therefore companies can easily customize their offers and marketing strategies to fit each categories’ specific needs.

Process Automation

Most CRM systems can bear the burden of various time-consuming duties from team members by automating them so that your team can focus on other aspects of the business. Therefore tasks such as email alerts, lead scoring, sales and marketing processes, etc., will be done automatically by the CRM system.

Customer Retention

Some of the best CRM systems offer many customer retention advantages for startups and small businesses. Therefore enabling them to keep existing customers satisfied by alerting agents to connect with customers who haven’t been contacted in a while or reminding your team to send follow-up emails.

Analytical Data and Reporting

Companies can integrate their CRM with many applications and tools to automatically generate reports on each customer. Therefore allowing agents to personalize customers’ information to lead them further down the sales funnel effectively.

Best CRM for Startups and Small Business

Your company needs to have a CRM system to improve customer satisfaction and boost sales revenue. Here is our pick of the best CRM software of 2020 for startups and small businesses.

1. Zoho CRM

Zoho CRM software for startups and small businesses.
Zoho Best CRM for Startups and Small Businesses

Zoho CRM is a smart cloud-based software that offers great tools for growing businesses to close more sales and attract more customers. Startups and small businesses use it for sales and marketing automation to help improve their customer’s lifecycle. Moreover, your team can manage customers’ accounts, automate emails, track sales orders, support helpdesk, and more all in a single platform.

The CRM sales automation features help with finding business opportunities and track leads and prospects. Therefore, allowing agents to use the customer’s data to close deals more effectively.

Use it’s marketing automation features to help with your marketing strategies to enhance the lead generation process. Furthermore, the CRM will automatically generate a performance report on your campaign for you to analyze and make changes where it’s needed.

Pricing: Free version, Standard ($12/month), Professional ($20/month), Enterprise ($35/month), and Ultimate ($45/month).


2. Freshworks CRM

Freshworks CRM to help boost customer engagement.
Freshworks Best CRM to Boost Customer Engagement

Freshworks CRM is an AI-powered customer management software that integrates sales & marketing automation with Voice and Chat into a single business solution. Use a Freshworks CRM to empowers your divided teams to work better together. Moreover, it offers a single source for customers’ information for the sales and marketing teams to provide a seamless customer experience.

Startups & small businesses can find Freshworks CRM software beneficial for their organization. In fact, it is a perfect tool for businesses to start understanding the needs of their customers. Also, it provides tools for teams to attract quality leads, nurture customers’ relationships, and close deals much faster.

Pricing: Free 21 Day, Growth ($29/month), Pro ($59/month), and Enterprise ($99/month).


3. Salesforce

Salesforce cloud-based CRM for small businesses and startups.
Salesforce Best CRM for Startups

Salesforce is a well-known cloud-based CRM solution that caters to the needs of small businesses and startups. It will help boost customer satisfaction by creating a centralized place for all of your siloed groups to work together from a single source.

Salesforce provides tools that enable companies to attract more customers, create customer nurturing strategies, and compile customers’ data from multiple sources. And easily leverage the customers’ data to send targeted and relevant messages from anywhere. Salesforce has automation tools to help build long-term relationships with your customers and getting to know them better.

Pricing:  Essentials ($25/user/month), Sales Professional ($75/user/month), Service Professional ($75/user/month), and more.


4. Keap

Keap CRM software to help grow your small business.
Keap CRM to Grow your Small Business

Keap CRM software organizes and stores customers’ information in one place for team members can easily access it anywhere. Therefore, having all customers’ info at their fingertips to automate repeatable workflow, follow-up on leads, provide better services, assign tasks, and more.

The CRM also has the best segmentation capabilities that help tag and nurture new leads then send emails that’s trigger-based.

Keap Text Messaging is another feature that alerts you when your client text, call, or email you. Therefore allowing you to quickly respond to them to provide the services that they need. Keap Messaging is very simple to use, and you can “star” your most important messages, organize and mark them as unread.
Use Keap to handle all your sales and marketing tasks.

Pricing: 14-day Free version, Keap Grow ($40/user/month), Keap Pro ($75/user/month), and Infusionsoft ($100/user/month).


5. Streak

Streak CRM solutions to manage sales in Gmail.
Streak Best CRM to Manage Sales in Gmail

Streak is a cloud-based CRM software that integrates directly with users’ Gmail accounts. Therefore transforming your existing Gmail inbox into a powerful, fully-featured CRM for easy management. Moreover, the Streak Gmail extension adds a spreadsheet-style interface with a layout that you are familiar with.

Streak CRM is the perfect software for those who want to keep track of sales, manage projects, manage home buyers, and more. Also, it helps users be on-task and know precisely where things are in the pipeline while managing their customers. Streak CRM allows users to collaborate on projects such as sharing emails and data, sync communications of divided teams, and share private discussions. Additionally, users can still control how much data to share with the team.

Pricing: Free version, Solo ($12/user/month), Pro ($20/user/month), and Enterprise ($35/user/month).


6. Pipedrive

Pipedrive powerful CRM to generate more leads.
Pipedrive Powerful CRM to Get More Leads

Qualify more leads and make faster conversions with the powerful CRM software from Pipedrive. Sign-up for Pipedrive to manage all of your existing customers as well as your potential customers. Moreover, it will help you manage your customers through the entire sales funnel when purchasing. It is also simple to use and allows users to see a clear view of where their clients are in the sales pipeline. Therefore you will be able to know what activities being made. Pipedrive CRM has a click-and-drag edit feature making it easy to customize your sales funnel and organize the data to fit your needs. 

Additional Pipedrive features include:

  • A Customizable Live Chatbot
  • Unlimited custom fields to compile & organize sales data.
  • Import leads for another CRM.
  • Mobile apps for Android and iOS
  • Sync contacts with Microsoft & Google
  • Integrates with 150+ apps

Pricing: Essential ($12.50/user/month), Advanced ($24.90/user/month), Professional ($49.90/user/month), and Enterprise ($99/user/month).


7. Salesflare

Salesflare a simple CRM for small businesses.
Salesflare Simple CRM for Small Business

Suppose you want an intelligent sales CRM that saves lots of time and easy to use. Then you should check-out Salesflare CRM software. It will automatically gather clients’ information such as phone numbers, email, mailing addresses, and more, then store it in your address book. Therefore saving you time entering data so you can focus on your customers. Salesflare will automate most of your repeatable actions like logging phone calls & meetings and alerting you to sales opportunities.

Other Salesflare features include:

  • Integrates with most popular email applications
  • Fully-function mobile app
  • All plans include chat and email support
  • One simple and affordable pricing 
  • Unlimited features included

Pricing: Free Trial ( No Credit Card Needed), and Standard ($30/month per user billed annually).


8. AgileCRM

AgileCRM sales and marketing CRM software for startups.
AgileCRM CRM Solution for Startups

If you want a tool to help capture more leads and boost your sales revenue. Then it would help if you switched to Agile CRM. Agile CRM is a modern customer relationship management platform for small and mid-sized businesses. Therefore offering advanced features to optimize your activities. You’ll also get access to a full view of the customer profile to view & track interactions and web activities. And easily manage deals, create milestones, predict your sales revenue, and more with an assortment of tools. 

More Agile CRM features include:

  • Drag-and-drop project management
  • Integrates with your favorite telephone services
  • Gamification capabilities
  • Drag-and-drop automation designer
  • Comprehensive email marketing features
  • SMS marketing

Pricing: Plans starting with the Free version (10 users), Starter ($8.99/user/month), Regular ($29.99/user/month), and Enterprise ($47.99/user/month).


9. Monday

Monday, the best CRM software for teams.
Monday CRM Software for Teams

Monday is a cloud-based workflow management software to manage processes, workflows, and projects in one place. Also, Monday is easy to set up so you can “hit the ground running” in minutes with over 200 pre-made workflow templates. Work more effectively by seamlessly integrating Monday with some of your favorites like Slack, Zoom, Dropbox, and Excel. Also, Monday CRM features allow your team to nurture customer relationships, manage leads, and track pipeline in one place for easy accessibility. Moreover, you’ll be able to visualize your entire sales pipeline. 

More Monday features include:

  • Track time spent on each task
  • Create automation for repeatable work
  • Import clients’ emails from Gmail & Outlook
  • Collecting new leads with easy lead forms
  • Automatically forecast sales revenue
  • Enterprise-grade security

Pricing:  Plans at starting with Basic ($8/seat/month), Standard ($10/seat/month), Pro ( $16/seat/month) and more.


10. HubSpot

Sign-up for free CRM software from HubSpot.
Get Free CRM Software from HubSpot

Here is one of the most widely used sales and marketing software for startups to mid-sized businesses. HubSpot is an all-in-one sales solution trusted by 95,000+ customers in over 120 countries globally. So if you want a comprehensive CRM tool to help boost sales, collect more leads and improve customer relationships, then HubSpot is for you. HubSpot will empower your team to connect & manage customers more effectively. Together with tools such as sales & marketing automation software, customer service management solutions, and a customizable CRM system. 

More HubSpot features include:

  • Track and manage ads on Social Media and Search Engines.
  • Host files and embed them in websites, social media, etc.
  • Live Chat and chatbots to help engage with visitors.
  • Provide links for prospects to choose their own scheduling. 
  • Get full visibility with reporting and sales analytics.

Pricing:  Get started for Free or Starter ($45/month), Professional ($450/month), Enterprise ( $1200/month) and more.


11. Sendinblue

Sendinblue customer interaction CRM software for business.
Sendinblue Customer Interaction CRM Software

Trusted by over 180,000 businesses

Sendinblue is a robust all-in-one sales & marketing platform for businesses and startups. Therefore allowing you to set up email & SMS marketing campaigns, marketing automation, analytics, and manage contacts with its built-in CRM capabilities. 

The CRM allows you to move contacts to a list or designate it to another rep. Instantly view your client’s entire information, actions, and related task simply by clicking on the contact. Sendinblue is perfect if you want a single platform for all of your sales and marketing strategies.

Sendinblue features include: 

  • Customer information stored in one place
  • Organize contacts based on characteristics
  • Contact list management & follow-up email automation

Pricing: Start with the Free version, then Lite ($25/month), Premium ($65/month), and more.


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